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Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM)

CAPAM was established in 1994 to encourage the exchange of knowledge pertaining to public administration and good governance between Commonwealth countries. The organisation grew from the commitment of its members who are most often senior public servants, elected officials or academics with a vested interest in promoting the fundamental values outlined in the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1991. CAPAM’s biennial conferences are attended by large numbers of public servants from around the world and there is a great demand for its custom learning programs and country specific learning activities. The organisation is based in Ottawa, Canada, and is steered by a board of directors, who are senior public servants from around the world. CAPAM’s mission is to promote the practical requirements of good governance, and just and honest government across the Commonwealth countries and beyond. CAPAM provides a forum for the active exchange of innovations, knowledge and practice in citizen-centred service delivery, leadership development and growth, and public service management and renewal. We serve our members as a centre of excellence in good governance and endeavour to build a more responsive and dynamic public service.

International Innovations Awards
The CAPAM International Innovations Awards (IIA) celebrate the spirit of innovation in the public service by recognizing organisations that have made significant contributions to improving governance and services in the public sector. In so doing, the awards inspire and encourage public service innovators to continue exploring, creating and implementing new ideas in order to enhance the quality of life for citizens, communities and nations.

The IIA are held biennially, with the 2018 awards to take place on 24 October 2018 in Georgetown, Guyana at the conclusion of the CAPAM 2018 Biennial Conference. For more info on submission, please click on following link

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